Welcome to the HPIC Website !!

This website provides a forum for those of us interested in Radiation Detection and Measurement to exchange information, discuss mutual opportunities, develop sound technical basis and strategies for radiation protection practices.

This website is no longer associated with the DOE RP-EFCOG.
contact    Michelle.Holman-Abbott@srs.gov   for information on DOE Health Physics Instrumentation Committee meetings.

The historical HPIC presentations can be viewed by going here
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A New Section of the Health Physics Society has been formed !!

This website will include information about the Health Physics Instrumentation Section.

Here is the link to the HPS "Instrumentation Section" website.  Please distribute !


Thomas Johnston, Health Physicist

NIST Center for Neutron Research

National Institute of Standards and Technology

100 Bureau Drive, Stop 6100

Gaithersburg, MD 20899


Many of our attendees are members of ANSI, IEC, and ISO standards groups and work hard to make those standards applicable and useful to the work we do.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend our meetings and bring relevant issues for discussion.

Feel free to contact me
James T(Tom) Voss, NRRPT, CHP
Fellow of the Health Physics Society
Member of the American Nuclear Society


visit my business website at  WWW.VOSS-ASSOCIATES.COM